CEGA’s Infectious Disease in East Africa: A Behavioral and Economic Research Collaborative in  Implementation Research (IDEA-BERC) invites proposals for grants of $20,000-75,000 USD each (including up to 8% in indirect costs)to support impact evaluations that use methods from implementation science to evaluate health incentives, information, pricing, or service delivery applied across a range of infectious diseases. Please see details on eligibility requirements, evaluation criteria, and timelines in the Request for Proposals (RFP).

WGAPE is pleased to announce a Small Grant Program for junior African researchers to explore a question of interest in African political economy. Successful applicants will receive between $6,000 and $9,000 USD in support, and will be matched with a senior researcher from the WGAPE organizers or executive committee, who will provide feedback and general guidance on the project. The lead investigator of each funded project will present their research design during the 2023 WGAPE Annual Meeting, held in June or July 2023.

Funding can be used to support the investigators’ time, research assistance, survey or other data collection costs, data purchase or storage, travel, and other reasonable research expenses. Indirect Costs are not permissible for these grants.

We invite submissions that reflect WGAPE’s broad research agenda on the political economy of African development, including ethnic politics, civil conflict and violence, decentralization and democratization, corruption, local governance, public economics, and other related topics. Successful proposals will include a quantitative, empirical component. Research that is purely theoretical or qualitative will not be funded under this RFP; however, mixed-methods research designs will be accepted.

The deadline for submission is 11:59 pm U.S. Pacific Time on Friday, October 15.

Center for Effective Global Action